Thesis and Ethics Committee Consultancy

As VINNOVA Consulting, we can assist students who will prepare undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and specialization thesis at every stage, starting from the thesis design process to the thesis printing and even the defense process of the thesis.

Whether it is determining your subject, preparing your research design, applying for an ethics committee, making qualitative or quantitative analyzes, or writing your thesis, we provide effective consultancy by our expert researchers and faculty members at every stage of your thesis.



Preparation of thesis topic, question and purpose

We assist you in outlining your study, providing context to the problem, and drafting the problem you have identified, the specific purpose of your study, the research questions you propose to answer, and the overall study design.

Literature review

It is usually the most time-consuming process of thesis writing. This chapter will strengthen the thesis by revealing the current gap based on the research that your work will address. Therefore, this section is critical. This chapter will also outline the theoretical or conceptual framework for your approach, and if you are a young researcher we certainly draw on our expertise in a wide variety of disciplines to help you identify the best theory or theories to guide your research.

Determination of research methodology, sampling and data collection

We help you provide a detailed explanation of your research design, including choosing the appropriate quantitative or qualitative research method for the research question and purpose, and why it is best for investigating your specific research questions and hypotheses (if applicable). This section will also include references to established researchers and research methods to demonstrate the reliability of your particular methodology. We ensure that this study includes all relevant information about your data collection tools and explains and justifies your sampling strategy, suggested data collection methods, and specific test plan and/or qualitative analysis protocol for your participants.

As we finalize your methodology, we make sure that you fully address all ethical issues and potential.

Writing in accordance with the thesis proposal format

We provide consultancy and support in writing the thesis proposal in an appropriate format. We support the preparation of the presentation and try to provide you with the best presentation by giving feedback during the presentation rehearsals.


If human or human data will be used in your work, if the work will be carried out on human beings, it must be prepared, planned and implemented in accordance with ethics, principles and rules, especially all applicable legal regulations. Different ethics committee applications (interventional, observational, etc.) should be made according to the characteristics and method of the research to be conducted.

We provide consultancy for the preparation of an ethics committee application, in case the ethical committee approval of the completed and approved research as a thesis proposal is required.


When you need funds for your thesis, we provide consultancy in finding suitable funds and preparing project proposals suitable for these funds. Our expert consultants assist you in project writing and funding application.


Thesis data analysis and evaluation

Whatever your specific dataset or data collection tool, we can import and (if necessary) clean up your data before completing any qualitative or statistical analysis you may need. We provide you with appropriate expert support in highly complex statistical analysis and also in qualitative analysis. As protocols are often required for exploratory or larger-scale research projects, we are well equipped to assist with virtually any data analysis and results discussion. As part of our comprehensive help to design your results, we can add tables and figures as appropriate to provide clear visual examples of each of your key findings. At the end of this process, we will be able to properly provide you with all the files created by the encoding as appropriate database files.

We provide the assistance you need in writing the findings and preparing the tables and figures.

Discussion and conclusion

Based on the findings summarized in the Results section, we help you draft a full discussion and conclusion. We provide critical analysis of your findings and discussion of how the findings intersect with more general research in the field, both to highlight their importance for practice and future research relevant to your topic, for the population and/or region represented by your dataset or respondents. Your results are a wider area of ​​your research.